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Sep 10, 2020

Tailgating at sporting events is an American pastime. There’s really nothing better than parking outside of the stadium with your friends and family, grilling, listening to music, and rooting for your favorite team while surrounded by other fans. It’s a feeling like no other. But with COVID-19 putting a halt to sports this year, we aren’t able to enjoy tailgating games like past years. And even now, with some sports back in full swing (kind of), they will be doing so with no fans in attendance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tailgate from your house! 

Chill out & grill out

Grilling is one of the most important aspects of tailgating. There’s nothing like pulling into the Yankee Stadium parking lot and getting a whiff of the beautiful aroma of hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill. So how can you achieve this feeling at home? While usually people bring small, portable grills to tailgates, any grill at home will do. Hey, you don’t even need a grill! Turn on that stove, throw a few hot dogs and burgers on a pan (preferably a cast iron) and get to grilling! Don’t have a cast iron skillet? No worries! A regular frying pan will do the trick.

Snacks and Drinks are Essential

Arguably the second most important aspect of tailgates are the drinks and snacks. If you don’t have good drinks and snacks, your tailgate will feel incomplete. Luckily, tailgating at home won’t be much different in this category, since you’ll most likely have all of your favorite snacks and drinks at home already. But if you don’t, go out and grab all of your favorite snacks at your local Bravo, whether it’s chips, nuts, dip, or candy, you can find everything you need. Make sure to go get a case of your favorite beer for the adults, and the best soda for the kids to make your quarantine tailgate even more special. 

Enjoy with Friends (Virtually)

Tailgating alone is okay...but tailgating with friends and family is the best! We know that the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 may not let you physically be with your friends and family. If that’s so, there are still other ways to enjoy their “presence.” Zoom has been utilized by companies and regular individuals alike throughout the pandemic. Just like meetings and hangouts, Zoom can be used for your virtual tailgate. Share this idea with your friends and family and get them all on board. Grab your grilled food, snacks, and drinks, call up your friends and family and enjoy your tailgate together!

Whether you decide to use these tips or not, please just remember to practice safety and social distancing so we can continue to enjoy our favorite sports during these tough times!

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